bill of material

initial scope part purpose cost notes link
y, o scanning lidar YDLIDAR scanning lider to detect obstacles and to identify path 100,70€ ydlidar won over rplidar due to slightly better mechanics and specs
raspberry pi noir camera v2 allow to capture scene in combination with lidar to analyze performance of detection based on lidar and to provide imjage to operator if the robot is stuck 24,99€
lte surfstick + external antenna ip-based connectivity for raspberry pi, stream measurements and images, receive commands
y,o raspberry pi high level functions and robot operating system ros, interface to all usb devices, analyzing sensor signal, telemetry hub 34,50€
y,o 16gb sd card for pi os 10€
y,o, r arduino compatible board POLOLU A-STAR 32U4 PRIME LV MICROSD low level functions like battery, motor control, imu, led display and sleep functions 28.51€
adafruit bno055 breakout imu - absolute orientation intertial measurement unit, also measures temperature in the body, self-calibrating 35.36€ need to remember calibration values on power off
y, o, r body and sides, wood box initialy
y, o 4 wheels 24.99€
y, o 4x wheel adapter hex 12mm to 6mm to connect axles to rc car wheels 2x3.95€
y,o silberstahlachse 6mm diameter, 30cm 3€ needs to be cut to length
y, o 4 gleitlager 6mm 4x1.49€
y,o 2 kupplungen 6mm auf 4mm 2x2.99
y, o 2x metal gear motor with encoder controlled acceleration and deceleration, breaking 2x12.73€
y, o,r dual motor driver driver capable of driving engine voltage and powers based on control signals 29.94€
2xbracket for gear motor controlled position of gear motor on base plate 6.94€
y,o,r fuse to avoid short circuit burning the weakest part of the circuit away
y,o,r 2s lipo battery to power the engines and potentially the rest make sure to only charge it when temperature in the body is above 0°
y,o lipo connector cables
lipo pouch
y,o 1 emergceny shut off switch 4.49€
------ not in the design anymore -----
pmd pico flexx generating depth map for obstacle detection and detection of the path 200-300€ reach not far enough