Daily Journal
started daily journal to track progress and to stay sane.
the 3 open problems are:
	how to arm the escs when the fc needs 5 seconds to boot
	how to calibrate compass with rover fimrware - should try it outside
	how to make telemetry with pi work - should try with esp8266
esc init: tried brd_safetyenable = 0 but this did nto help
other things to try: RC1_TRIM change and MOT_PWM_TYPE brushed bipolar

1 wifi telemetry: 1x esp8266 (adafruit feather huzzah) for 20�
2 wifi and lte telemetry and video streaming: 1x raspberry pi for 30�, pi cam v2 for 30�
3 flight controller: mateksys f405 wing for 50�
4 gps & compass: mateksys m8q-5883 for 35�
5 transmitter and receiver: turnigy tgy-i6s transmitter and tgy-ia6c and tgy-ia6b receivers from hobbyking for 50�
6 esc: 2x https://www.modellbau-regler.de/ a12/6RW Easy mit Kabeln for 25� each

ground control station: windows 10 laptop running official missionplanner software and qgroundcontrol on mac and ipad (via usb/wifi or only via wifi)
running mavlink bridge for wifi based telemetry (see https://ardupilot.org/rover/docs/common-esp8266-telemetry.html)

wire gps and compass to flight controller like this http://www.mateksys.com/?portfolio=f405-wing#tab-id-6

Connecting flight controller to ground control station
0 install ardupilot rover firmware on f405 for the first time (see ardupilot site for instructions)
1 Install missionplanner software on windows 10 laptop
2 hook up flight controller via usb cable to laptop
3 flight controller shows up as "COM3" on the top right in the port list - select it
4 press connect
5 check that the horizon is moving when you shke the flight controller

Configuring flight controller
1 Set FRAME_CLASS to 2 (Boat) in mission planner > config > full parameter list
2 set serial1 baud rate to 921 and protocol to Mavlink 2 for telemtry with esp8266 or pi

use mission planner via udp with esp8266

Get GPS lock
0 Go outside away from buildings
1 Mateksys m8q-5883 gps, Blue PPS LED blinking(1Hz) means 3D fixed
2 GPS 3d lock should show up in mission planner after some time

Use of ipad or iphone:
0 Qgroundcontrol installed and running on iPad
1 Ipad connected to ardupilot wifi access point
2 Virtual joysticks turned on in qground control configuration

Prep Remote control:
update firmware of thy-i6s with version from hobbyking website

hook up tgy-ia6c via gnd, vcc and ppm to the slots marked Sbs on the f405 wing
turn on power to trasmitter
factory reset on trasmitter
on transmitter select rx bind
turn off receiver and turn it on to bind

in turnigy transmitter set ext battery sensor for 3s battery check

in mission planner under setup
calibrate acc

calibrat rc
im trasmitter tie channel 8 to switch B
in transmitte reverse pitch channel 2

in mission planner define flight modi

calibratecompass in qgrpundcontr failed

mission planner - setup - servo output > set servo 1/motor 1 to Throttle left and servo 2/motor 2 to Throttle right and reboot

startup procdued:
	connect mission planner via usb -> red light on, blue light blinking
	provide battery power -> escs beep three times
	turn on remote
	arm vehicle in mission planner -> blue light on fc steady
	turn to manual mode on remote -> steer vehicle with remote

document all wiring

I had problems with the m8q-5883.
In first experiements in une I think it did connect to the flight controller and provided GPS 3D fix.
Then when I tried it on my desk (near the window) the blue light blinked but the 3d fix never was shown in the ground control software.
To debug this I tried it with ucenter.
Had to install ucenter and some older version of the driver fro my ftdi cable.
On ucenter it worked not, then I flipped RX and TX and it did show satellites unti it had a fix and then froze.
Turning everything off and on again it suddenly worked.
It might be a bad connection/cable.