Marcus Conrad Behrens' Projects

Finedust Sensors (2017-Now)

Part of setting up an IoT Network for 18 squar kilometers of Heidelberg. More details here: . This includes a project to showcase measuring street lights.

Autosail (2017-Now)

Automatically operated free-rotating wing sail for small boats. More details to follow.

Moonclock (2016-Now)

This is the first time i want to build something and sell 100 pieces of it at kickstarter. It's a device tha projects the moon to the ceiling of a room that moves and changes its shape as time passes. Check here for updates on this project or subscribe to the newsletter to know when it will show up on kickstarter. You can also come to the Maker Faire in Berlin to booth 44 on October 1st and 2nd.

ZiegelSpiegel (2014-Now)

My biggest achievement with this project was to be featured by the local TV station in a 1 minute video:

This was my first Arduino project. The intention is to mirror the light from the sunny side of the valley to our side of the valley which falls into the shadow if the "Koenigsstuhl" in the afternoon. Yes, a town in italy and one in Norway have done this already with big mirrors. But it can be done with a 250 Euro Budget and some spare time - for more details click here or on the image below. zypresse.jpg

Round Pool (2011-Now)

Pool behind my House. All the details on building it can be found here:

Sailing Canoo (2012-Now)

Imagine a canoo with 2 sails and outriggers on each side.

HTML5 (2010-2014)

Click here for a list of the projects.

SAP (1994-Now)

SAP Internet Pricing and Configurator in Java, Steelcase Sales Configuration, Compaq Sales Configuration, Product Modeling Environment, Solution Selling Management, SAP Mobile Apps 1.0, SAP Smart Business.

IntelliCorp (1992-2000)

Airbus Production Scheduling, Philip Moris Software Engineering Tool, CERN Process Engineering, LiveModel Process Modeling Tool for SAP.

Self-Employed (1983-1992)

Punk Label Mail Order Management in C, IBM Machine Language Translation in Prolog.

University (1987-1992)

Masque Studienarbeit in Smalltalk, Hypertexttool Diplomarbeit in Smalltalk.

Atari ST (1982-1989)

Sampling audio from the printer port in 6800 Assembler. Playing audio with 3 channel music chip in 6800 Assembler. Graphical sampling and playback tool with GEM (the Atari version of Mac OS or Windows) in C an 68000 Assembler. Trainer builder fpr games as part of the Copy Center Stuttgart Hacker Group. Custom Case made of wood that made it look like a PC tower.

Oric 1 (1980-1982)

Flying Game scrolling the landscape from right to left and the plane staying in position. Player could make the plane go up or down to the extend that loopings were possible.

School (1979-1986)

Skiing Game on Commodore PET

Where the screen scrolls up and you move left and right to avoid bumping into items scrolling up from the bottom. The graphics were character based and the scrolling was one line at a time. So you can say it was not "smooth" scrolling. This was in Basic.

Worm Game on Commodore PET

A worm moves on the screen. The player can direct him with the cursor keys in any of 4 directions. When he eats the pills on the screen he gets longer and longer. If he gets to long he will struggle not to bite into his own tail or hit the wall. To do this with good enough performance and graphics I learned 6502 assembler.